XSBOOM High Definition Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

Boom explodes the age-old Vengaboys song on my all-new XSBOOM Bluetooth speaker ten minutes after delivery. I know it is totally cliché, but when I ordered this speaker, I knew that this was the first song I was going to test the speaker with— the “BOOM” spoke to me! And test it, I did. Ok, by now, that song choice probably says that I am either old or sound old, maybe I am, but besides my flashy song choice, here are a few takeaways from my experience with the speaker.

Some of the Most Outstanding Features of the XSBOOM Speaker

Great Sound Quality

Listen to it and you will experience the power of its unbelievable sound. The quality of high definition sound produced from this speaker is absolutely clear and crisp with the support of the echo suppression technology. Even when it’s played at the highest volume there’s no distortion.

Supports Both NFC and Bluetooth Technology

The LED indication light blinks when the system is On and connected with other compatible devices such as your phone, tablet, iPod, and laptop etc.

XSBOOM Bluetooth speaker easily connects with any bluetooth enabled devices, and it’s also equipped with NFC technology. Therefore, paring and connecting with other compatible devices are instant even if you are several feet away. The manufacturer claims up to 90 feet of connectivity, but I haven’t tested it from that far a distance, yet. Moreover, you can also connect with non-Bluetooth devices directly with the support of the standard AUX cable included with the package.

Decent Battery Life

The Lithium-Ion battery lasts for about 8 to 9 hours at the most when it’s fully charged. The rechargeable battery charges quickly, in one and half hours time, via USB cable. You can also charge it through your laptop or through power banks. The battery has a capacity of 400 mAh.

Super-Handy Built-in Speakerphone 

You can enjoy the freedom and comfort of taking hands-free phone calls with the support of the built-in microphone and speakerphone features that are highly effective in delivering crystal clear voice.


Other Technical Specifications About XSBOOM Mini Bluetooth Speaker  

  • This speaker measures about 1.7 x 1.9 x 1.7 inches in LxWx H and is cylindrical in shape
  • The weight is the speaker is 2.8 ounces
  • XSBOOM Bluetooth speaker comes in six different colors: Blue, Black, Pink, Purple, Silver, and Bronze.
  • This speaker comes with a cover or carry bag, wrapped in a gift box for gifting purposes if you wish to give to your family/friends on occasion such as birthdays.
  • The speaker is 100% money back guaranteed from the manufacturer for any defects or damages.
  • The manufacturer also offers one year limited warranty with XSBOOM club membership card.

My Experience

With the size as big as an egg, you can carry this smart and nifty speaker in your pocket or handbag conveniently without any trouble. I actually purchased this speaker because it looked quite cute. Yeah, I know, not a really great reason if not the worst, but I am quite surprised by how much power this little thing packs.


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