The Cool OontZ Angle-3 Water Resistant Speaker Review

OontZ Angle-3 Water Resistant Speaker

Looking for elite audio quality in your fun speaker gadgets? Cambridge SoundWorks OontZ Angle is one of the choicest speakers owned by a friend who is an obsessed audiophile. If not for the engineering that has gone into the speaker, it has been recognized by most outdoor enthusiast for its ideally portable design. Well, is it not reasonable then that young music enthusiasts created such hype about it? And the popularity is well worth it; the speaker has all the critical features for a portable Bluetooth speaker.

To start with, the speaker is Cambridge Soundworks. Second, you are not expected to spend big. And adding up, the latest OontZ Angle has advanced with improved features. Well, OontZ Angle Models already stand out for what has gone into the making. There is perhaps no necessity to emphasize on its specialty; rather there are certain features we love that you might actually like too.

Key Features

What makes the new version so much better anyway?


The stylish edge that the original OontZ Angle features now comes clearly enhanced in sonic strength as well as ergonomics. The speaker has an exceptionally light body of 10 ounces at a size of 5.2 x 2.8  in inches. And yet it has a sturdy design and the edges are more blunted or rather rounded for comfortable fit in the palm.The speaker comes in a variety of color; red, blue, black and many more.

OontZ Angle-3 Water Resistant Speaker

Stereo Quality Sound

Remarkably louder in volume than the prior two Angle models, the 3rd generation OontZ Angle Plus is one of the best sounding speakers at its price range with astonishing clarity. For such a small sized speaker, the loud audio output is a wow factor. Besides, owing to the two passive sub woofers, the speaker delivers clear audio that is crisp at high frequency and powerful at mid frequency and a sound audio at low pitch. Not to forget the thumbing bass that comes from the larger speaker. The speaker does boom with a power packed loudness perfect for outdoor fun like poolside parties or picnics particularly. Its versatility comes from being particularly waterproof.

But more particularly, the rich bass and distortion free music even at maximum volume; a specialty of Cambridge SoundWorks engineering, is great for any indoor entertainment especially home theaters. Its dual acoustic drivers produce fairly grand stereo sound (powerful as 10+ watt) which is enhanced by the bass from the bigger speaker which has been designed strategically to make its effect prominent.

Excellent Portability

Coupled with ultra- lightweight features, OntZ Angle Plus 3 Bluetooth speaker has a water resistance of IPX5, so you are good to go in the shower and even in rain and splash. Another added feature that adds to the toughness to this all new Angle model is dustproof so you need not be wary about tagging it along when you go to the beach.

Its small size fits anywhere in backpacks or travel bags which makes it a perfect fit for hiking or trekking adventures. My buddy does love carrying it on his golf cart too.


Smart Bluetooth Connectivity

The Bluetooth connection is prompt with easy pairing. Your mobile phone or tablet will make the connection within seconds; there is hardly any hassle when connecting to the speaker as long as it is within the standard Bluetooth range of 100 feet which should essentially be unobstructed. You can also play on it from your PCs or laptop and other non-Bluetooth devices by connecting the 3.5mm audio cable to the speaker’s (AUX-IN) jack.

So the ideal place to use the speaker as I see it is in open fields. And I love to have it in the car and experiencing a fair surround sound. Having the speakerphone is another important plus point. I never have to miss any of my calls while on the road. With well built-in Mic, the speaker makes conversations possible even when driving and incidentally the audio is loud and clear even on the speakerphone.

Battery Life

The battery life is fairly good and can last up to 14 hours in one go. In case you prefer higher battery life, you might like to check out the Original OontZ Angle which has a slightly higher battery capacitance or perhaps the OontZ Angle plus 2 model which can last up to 15 hours on a single charge.

Easy Functionality

The speaker has the simplest functionality. If you will notice, the controls are located on the side of the speaker and it is easily operated by a press of each button. The volume can be controlled both from the Bluetooth appliance you are streaming from as well as the speaker. Speakerphones can also be operated either by your phone or the phone button on the speaker.

OontZ Angle-3 Water Resistant Speaker

Comparative Conclusion

Cool and stylish in design, OontZ Angles are a prominent in the current market as well as in vogue amongst many fashionable youngsters. And because the Oontz Angle has evolved through three generations, they are provided with the choice to make their ultimate pick from these models. There is also a whole range of 5 colors to choose from.

Basically, the original OontZ Angle has a slightly lesser price for the more classical features especially devoid of the water resistant feature. The later generations have IPX5 water resistance and enhanced audio drivers designed to give stereo sound. OontZ Angle 2 is slightly bigger than the original and has 30% more playtime besides being ideally weatherproof for outdoor fun. The 3rd generation has slightly lesser battery life than original while upping the stereo sound as well as the volume output of the woofers.

If you check out OontZ Angle reviews and other small portable speakers in competition, perhaps you already know they could well be the best quality speakers at its price point.



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