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Portable Turntable

Music has gone though a major transformation in the past few years, with the implementation of digital formats. It seems like everyone carries their music around in their pocket, with their smartphone. Although this offers convenience, it negates the nostalgia that can be enjoyed from classic music. With this in mind, many people want to be able to relive their glory days, by purchasing and relying on the best portable turntable. These record players allow the user to enjoy their youth, but with the convenience of the future. Below, you’ll discover the answer to what is the best portable turntable?

Types of Portable Turntables

When exploring the potential types of turntables that you can select from, you will instantly be blown away, by your options. Truthfully, your options are innumerable. Each will offer many differentials in terms of appearance. At the same time, each record player can offer a wide range of unique features and settings. Since you’re interested in convenient portability, you will find that all of the devices mentioned in this guide will be easily portable. Still, it is vital to remember that each device can either be a belt-drive or direct-drive. USB connectivity and a 3.5mm auxiliary port are other things to consider.

What is the best portable turntable?

All in all, you could ask this specific question to hundreds of record player owners. In all likelihood, you would receive a different answer from the majority of these people. This is the case, because there really isn’t one turntable that could be described as the best portable turntable. Instead, you must remember that the best turntable for your specific situation is your best bet. With experimentation, you will eventually find a machine that is capable of living up to your standards. Either way, you will want to ensure that the device is affordable, reliable, durable and totally portable. Oh, and of course, music quality is vital!

Turntable reviews

Jensen JTA-230 Review

Best Portable TurntableIf you are searching for a turntable just like the one you had, when you were a child, then this could possibly be it. It has a manual tone arm, which may or may not suit your needs, but it can potentially offer some inconvenience for some. On the positive side, the turntable will switch off once the vinyl record has completed its playtime.
The built-in speakers may not offer the volume sufficiency that you are searching for, but it is suitable for those that are not hearing impaired. You can also record your vinyl records to your computer, so that you can share them with your online friends.

The 12-pound turntable is very portable, so that you can transport it from your home to your office, with great ease. If you possess 33 ½ records, then you are in luck, because the stylus that is provided is sufficient for this need, but if you are looking to play 78 RPM records, you will be forced to purchase an additional 3 Mil stylus.


Electrohome EANOS300 Review

Portable turntableElectrohome is a leading brand in the industry. When you see their name attached to a product, it is generally wise to take note. The EANOS300 is definitely a stylish briefcase-like record player that can be easily moved from one location to the next. The controls, which provide total simplification, can be accessed from the front of the case. Also, you will discover a USB port here. With this type of connectivity, it is possible for the user to enjoy all of their MP3s, by using this machine.

According to the turntables reviews, many people recommend this device over others. Still, the arm is not totally automatic, which may give some a little concern. However, the price is more than affordable and the machine is a suitable option.


Crosley CR6232A-BR Review

Best Portable TurntableTake a look at this record player and you will instantly recognize that it is built for portability. In fact, some suggest that it is the best portable turntable. There are plenty of likeable features here, including the auxiliary input and headphone jack. With the auxiliary input, the user will be able to use the machine’s speakers to listen to the favorite songs, which are stored on their iPhones and other media devices. USB connectivity is also an option and enables the user to store all of their records on their computer or Mac.

The machine offers three playing speeds to ensure that it works appropriately with all of your records. Unfortunately, this one isn’t build for longevity, since it is belt-driven. If you can overlook this single negative, this device is definitely a nice record player!


Audio Technica AT-LP60 Review

Portable TurntableOverall, you can see, at first glance, that the Audio Technica AT-LP60 isn’t necessarily the most portable turntable on the list. However, it is still a suitable option, since it is lightweight and small in size. The product only weights just a few pounds, which means you’ll be able to carry it back and forth very easily. One of the biggest benefits of this machine is the fact that it is equipped with a fully automatic arm. The design is stylish, but the turntable won’t necessarily become a cool addition to your home’s décor.

With several color options, you can customize this turntable to suit your particular preferences and personality. The price is nice and you’ll get plenty of use out of this device, although it isn’t totally reliable in terms of portability.


Jensen JTA-222 Review

portable turntableIf you are looking for a turntable that will offer diversity listening options, then look no further than the Jensen JTA-222. It comes equipped with an AM/FM stereo receiver and you can easily plug your favorite earphones into the stereo headphone jack, so as to not disturb others.

This turntable does not have an automatic switch off feature, but the tone arm will stop once the stylus hits the run off grove, but you will have to set it to this specific option. The three speed options allow you to play your records at the speeds of 33, 78, and 45.

The style and design of the turntable is by far the most unique and eye appealing. The wood finish exterior offers diversity décor options, so that you will not be forced to hide the turntable away once you have tired of listening to your favorite tunes.


At the end of the day, there is plenty to like about each of the turntables mentioned above. Still, it is best to find one that suits your specific needs. In order to do this, you should read each of our turntables reviews, check our main buying guide and find the one that peaks your interest the most. From there, you’ll be rocking out in style wherever you may go!

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