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Best DJ Turntables and Controllers 2019

What is a DJ Turntable?

Basically, these machines could be a number of different things. Although there are some machines that are retro, experts find more success and enhanced features, when they choose the DJ controller styles. Still, it is possible to label anything that is capable of delivering MIDI information, a DJ turntable. In this regard, modern DJs are usually referred to as digital DJs, since they rely on modern advances to enhance their music. If you’re planning on performing live music, it is imperative to choose one of the DJ turntables, which is specifically designed for this type of use. Aside from the technical differentials, these machines actually differ by size, quality and price. In order to select the best DJ turntable, it is pertinent to choose one that suits your needs in each of these categories perfectly.

DJ Turntable Reviews

Hercules DJ Console 4-MX

Hercules DJ Console 4-MX DJ TurntableAt first glance, you can see the quality of this turntable, which is large and is embellished with a high-quality metal casing. Since you’re likely going to be transporting this DJ controller from place to place, this will provide you with a little security. If you’re striving to be a professional DJ, this is certainly a reliable turntable that will help you take your music to the next level.

This DJ turntable is equipped with two stereo inputs, which provides connectivity to an MP3 player or CD player. Of course, it is the two large jog wheels that you’ll be using the most. This highly innovative input gives you total control over the sound, since it is capable of detecting your hand’s weight. This helps to ensure that even the finest adjustments are detected and incorporated into the music. With the jog wheel, you’ll have several ways to control the action. By pressing down, you’ll be able to control the scratching, but it is also possible to impact the sound, by rotating the wheel.

Of course, this is a DJ controller, which is capable of being hooked to your computer, whether Windows or Mac. What is the best DJ turntable? Well, this one may very well fit that category. With this DJ controller, you also receive access to the Virtual DJ software.


Pioneer DDJ-SB Performance DJ Controller

Pioneer DDJ-SB Performance DJ TurntableThis is one of the best DJ turntables for those, who are comfortable with the Serato DJ Intro software. This is a USB powered turntable, which allows it to connect to your laptop or desktop computer. Still, it is equipped with its very own built-in sound card. This device comes with two jog wheels, which will allow you to create the specific type of music that you desire. Although the Pioneer company offers a wide select of turntables, this is likely the best one for portability thanks to its compact design.

Whether you’re new to the hobby, or are an experienced DJ, you’ll be able to pick up and use this turntable with ease. It is fairly straightforward and all of the buttons are clearly labeled for easy use. With the responsive jog wheels, you’ll be able to scratch and mix your music to your heart’s desire. The filter fade function allows you to smoothly blend your music, while relying on the cross-fader.


Numark Mixtrack Pro II USB DJ Controller

Dj Turntable DJ Controller As soon as you look at this DJ turntable, you’ll be blown away by the design. It is superbly stylish. Of course, the two control wheels are very sensitive and will respond to all of your movements, whether you’re scratching or rotating the wheels. This may very well be one of the best DJ turntables for individuals that are going to be performing in large venues. With the built-in audio interface, the device is equipped with the appropriate output, which allows for connectivity to a PA system.

Despite harnessing plenty of power, this DJ controller is extremely compact and lean, which makes for easy transportation from one location to another. The Serato Software is included and will give you the ability to perfect you music every step of the way. Still, if you have another DJ software, this device will work with it perfectly.


Vestax VCI-380 Professional DJ Turntable

Vestax VCI-380 Professional DJ Turntable Although this is slightly more expensive, there is reasoning behind this price increase. The DJ turntable is much improved over the previous equipment. The turntable is equipped with five individual performance modes, including auto-loop, hot cue and sampler. With this options and the immaculately responsive controller wheels, you’ll be able to produce the type of music that you desire.

The only downside is that this device is perfected for the Serato DJ software. If you’re not comfortable with this DJ software, you may want to consider a different model. Still, this is certainly a nice DJ turntable, which is capable of delivering astounding sound with its 24bit/48kHZ audio interface.


Denon DJ DNMC6000MK2

dj turntable With one look, you can see right away that this is certainly one of the best DJ turntables. Of course, the price may be well out of your budget range. Still, it is compact, small and very portable. Surprisingly enough, the DJ controller is compatible with a wide range of different DJ software, including the Serato, Tractor Pro and the Virtual DJ Pro.

The device is equipped with a real-time matrix operation system. The USB MIDI and USB audio ensures that you’ll be able to use this machine with your computer. All of the buttons are labeled, which makes it easy to master the use of this DJ controller. The wheels are very responsive and you’ll be able to create the type of music that you wish, when using this turntable. All in all, it is a good buy, if you’ve got the money for it.



Trying to figure out what is the best DJ turntable is something that you must ask yourself. It is true that all of the above devices are high quality and capable of creating awesome music. Still, it is imperative to find the best device for your specific requirements. From there, you’ll be able to DJ into the night, as your friends dance around and enjoy your creations.

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