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Not all speakers are equally suited for the kind of song you play and listen to. And not all portable speakers are created for your type of fun. Talk of your style, unique in your own way, just as mine is! Well anyway, I could suggest what I think could fit you but it is ultimately you who decides what your speaker does.

Sure you love your tunes on the headphone; it’s got the stereo perfection, the sound separation effect is unrivaled by any kind of portable Bluetooth speaker we know. But who knows, there could be that one speaker which could bring your very song to the right resonating volume and make it worth sharing your favorite song.

Listing Our Top Picks For You

Share your favorite playlist on the perfect speaker created for your style. Every speaker sounds differently. And what, with all the variety that is featuring their own specialty in music… allow us to help you find the perfect speaker that speaks to your style without weighing much on your pocket.


Anker_classic bluetooth speakerThe classic choice for the perfect indoor amusement as well as outdoor fun, Anker A7908 is a sleek portable Bluetooth speaker that has a fine finesse in its making. Equipped with a powerful 4 watt audio driver, a 2 inch radiator and a bass port, the speaker pumps a lofty volume of powerful music, crisp and sound, ideal for your fun night parties or those exciting road drives. This Anker speaker does have incredible audio quality; you will notice that whether high pitch or low pitch, or for that matter at the narrow-mid range between the two, the speaker sound has zero distortion.

This stunningly good sounding speaker coupled with several handy features like speakerphone and excellent Bluetooth as well as battery range surprisingly has a great pricing, which is probably why it is emerging very popularly in the market and has been placed almost at bar with highly rated portable speaker brands like Bose and JBL.



IECOXGEAR Eco Stonef you are the trendy type, bold and daring enough to sync with all the latest fashion, the Ecoxgear Ecostone is one great choice. The speaker comes in vibrant colors that sure can make a fashion statement for you. Music on the go; when it comes to making it to all the fun-nights out, this speaker will get it going. Not too big, not too small, I can imagine tossing it around at poolside parties, flaunting the speaker in the streets without actually realizing you are, it is such an eye-catcher. Dustproof, waterproof, heatproof and shockproof; this is a complete set of weatherproof device with booming music that you can tag along for any adventure. The battery life is commendable for portable speakers too.

Though the manufacturer claims of a powerful 4 inch radiator that reinforces the low end frequency, the one thing that is markedly good about this speaker is its lively-clean and crisp audio quality especially on the higher frequencies. Contemporary favorites like pop, classic rock and country music sound pretty great on the Ecostone. Another genre that sounds specifically good at low level is acoustic blues.



Omaker_M4_Portable_Bluetooth_speakerA speaker of the compact type, the  is one I would definitely take for fishing or camping out alone. With crisp and clear soud, it is one perfect speaker while out on the road driving among the woods. Equipped with relatively good Bluetooth version 4.0 and NFC to top that, the wireless connection is swift and seamless. If you are the outgoing type seeking serene moments to find recreational time out of your hectic work schedule, this portable speaker should be one of your choices.

This Omaker is dustproof, shockproof and splash-proof, and therefore, pretty versatile in any weather condition. One quick mention, I noticed some of my friends taking it for snowboarding as a substitute for their Bose. Well, a lot would have second thoughts about risking such expensive speakers that cost us a fortune. And this Omaker in particular is quite the sturdy type though small in size.



Crazzie_C6 bluetooth speakerThe Captain C6 is one ideal speaker for a crazziegood bath. If you are someone who fancies having a time of your life playing and singing your favorite track in your shower before getting off to work, a good idea is to consider installing this speaker. You may perhaps find the way it sounds at the sales-store a bit constricted but wait until you get the speaker fit snugly in your shower-room and hear the same music boom within its enclosed walls. Well, that’s one secret behind how shower speakers sound overwhelmingly good once you step into the tiled boom-box. And the Crazzie Captain C6, let me tell you, has shower techno in the making. Imagine listening to the music right from inside the boom-box, it should be very invigorating, don’t you think?

Easy to pair and play over a fairly good range even with wall obstructions, this Bluetooth speaker is one of the most fairly priced wireless speakers packed with excellently functional features—new and innovative!



tmvel_speakerAquamasti Bluetooth speaker is the one speaker that, I think, is well balanced in features as well as pricing. A wee bit more expensive than the other speakers in my list, but the speaker is definitely worth the price. The brand has indeed emerged with the right balance that every other portable speaker should be like.

Equipped with top of the list features, the tough Aquamasti is the right fit for a modern lifestyle consisting of indoor recreation as well as outdoor ventures. Versatile enough to liven up any of your parent’s backyard parties and take your adventures to a whole new level, Aquamasti is one powerful speaker that can swing your mood and get your feet taping to the rhythm. The 10 watt drivers are a sure call to get you a nerve boost with resonant stereo sound.

And yet again, this speaker thinks beyond just music! With generous battery life, the Aquamasti is an ultimate portability package that talks dustproof, waterproof as well as shockproof. If you are looking out for an adrenaline boosting experience, get this speaker along, it will be well worth it.



Our list may not be the perfect set for the audiophiliac but each of these speakers is meant to cater to specific listeners. All the speakers here are from emerging brands and their technology is set to get more and more innovative overtime. Unlike well established speaker brands, these speakers may still be looking out, poised to make their big smart leap. With smart  pricing, the good ones will get a stronghold in the market. It is only a matter of time.

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