Top Rated Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Portable bluetooth speakers

For anything and everything, there’s high competition in terms of Design, Quality, Performance, and Price. Brands and manufacturers generally tend to keep this in mind when crafting and launching new products in the market. Every individual’s taste and choice may differ depending on his or her interest and requirements.

The market is flooded with different models of Bluetooth speakers. However, the models listed below are considered as the Top Three Selling Portable Wireless Speakers of 2015. The question of WHY will be answered as you continue reading:

Top List

The FUGOO Tough Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Fugoo Tough Wireless Speaker is small in size and lightweight in design. But it has a very solid and rugged structure and body which adds to its durability. The dimension of this Speaker is 2.4inches x 7.8inches x 2.9inches. It weighs about 1.4 pounds.

This Speaker has six high performing acoustic drivers which help in producing amazing sound quality without any distortion. Even if you play at the highest volume, the sound of the bass, treble, and woofer are quite clear and well balanced.

The best part of this speaker is the battery life. You will enjoy 40 hours of continuous playtime without any interruption. Keep listening to your favorite collection of music for as long as you like. The rechargeable battery will get fully charge in just 3hours or so.

The FUGOO Tough model is uniquely design and crafted in such a way that you will be able to enjoy the sound of music from all the sides at 360 degree.

This speaker is protected and safe for use under any weather conditions. It is waterproof, mud proof, dust proof and shock proof as well. Therefore, you can comfortably carry and use it for any indoor or outdoor adventures.

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The TaoTronics TT-SK02 Bluetooth Speaker

TaoTronics portable Bluetooth speaker comes in rectangular shape and is compact in design. It’s black in color. The dimension of this speaker is 8.5inch x 4inch x 2.4 inches and it weighs about 12.8 ounces only. It will easily fit into your bag or pocket for travelling easily.

The most attractive feature of this speaker is the ease and comfort for quick and instant connectivity. It uses NFC technology for pairing with other compatible devices. It’s both Bluetooth and non-Bluetooth compatible and you will not face any problem while connecting.

This Bluetooth Speaker is IP54 certified which means that the level of protection from solid objects and any liquid items are quite high. This is the reason why you can also use this as a shower speaker or carry with you on any outdoor camping and adventures.

With the TaoTronics wireless mini speaker in your hand, you can keep listening to your favorite artist for about 10 hours or so. This speaker comes with an inbuilt rechargeable battery that can easily be recharged by using a micro USB cable.

There is a wireless control facility for operating this system. The control panel is located right at the center. This offers you convenience while setting and selecting any function as per your command.

The Speaker is incorporated with an excellent 3W audio driver on each side. This helps in delivering immersive sound without any distortion even at high and low volume.

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The Omaker M4 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Omaker M4 Bluetooth speaker comes in a square shaped design and it’s totally compact and sturdy. The product dimension is 1.8 inches x 3.2 inches x 3.2 inches. It certainly is a perfect companion when you are out hiking or camping. The color of the speaker is orange or army green in the borders and black in the rest of the body.

When the speaker is fully charged, you can play music for around 12 hours continuously. Recharging the battery will not take more than 2 to 3 hours.

With the support of NFC technology, this Speaker will easily connect with any Bluetooth enabled devices. Pairing with other compatible devices will not take more than three seconds. Even if you are 33 feet away from the speaker it easily gets connected without any interference.

The sound quality of this speaker is simply brilliant. There’s a powerful audio driver which is integrated in the system for delivering high definition sounds without any distortion. The subwoofer and robust bass adds value to it.

Omaker M4 portable Bluetooth wireless speaker is uniquely crafted to protect itself against any splashes. It’s shock proof and dustproof as well, so it will be perfect for any outdoor adventures, or if you wish to listen to music while travelling.

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The mini speakers mentioned above are available at an affordable price in the market across continents. As per current market research, they are considered as few of the hottest selling portable Bluetooth speakers of the year 2015, so far.

Being in the list of the top selling wireless speaker of 2015, there are special offers and discount. Don’t forget to check online before you place your final order.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker Buying Guides: The Must-Have `Features


portable Bluetooth speakers


Portable Bluetooth speakers are the most common devices, and the ones that come first to our mind when we talk about wireless speakers. In recent years, Bluetooth speakers have grown rather dramatically that what was earlier owned by a few has now become a gadget owned by every household. Bluetooth speakers are, thus far, found to be the best, if not the easiest means to satisfy our thirst for music.

Due to its increasing popularity and ever increasing demand, the market is now flooded with Bluetooth speakers. Everyone can get a Bluetooth speaker to meet their lifestyles regardless of how varied they are. It’s just a matter of making the right choice. From playing cool music in your bedroom or dining-room to outdoor adventures with a thumping bass, there are wide ranges of Bluetooth speakers in different sizes, different designs, and different prices.

Here are some general information that you probably need to know about portable Bluetooth speakers that will help you in choosing the right model confidently without wasting time.

Know your Needs—Think How You will be Using the Speaker

If you do not have an answer to what your needs are, you may end up choosing the wrong speaker. Before checking out the many brands and models of Bluetooth speakers available, ensure that you take a moment out to analyze your needs and how and where you probably would be using the speaker. You can include the following points in your analysis:

  • Audio Sound- This should matter a great deal as each of us has  different reason for buying a Bluetooth speaker. Some may want to buy a speaker just to enhance the sound coming from their phone or laptop for personal music, bed time listening, listening to audiobooks, watching movie, etc. while some may want to buy speakers that produce loud audio sound with deep bass.
  • Size and Design- Bluetooth speakers are available in different sizes and many designs. You will find Bluetooth speakers in ultra portable pocket size, medium size and larger ones too. Portability is not an issue with a Bluetooth speaker. It can fit in your pocket or side bag. Choose your desired size and shape as per your convenience.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Use- There is no doubt that all portable Bluetooth speakers can be used indoors as well as outdoors, but there are models that are developed for specific purposes. For example, waterproof speakers are generally tough and rugged in design and as such, they are more favorable for outdoor music and adventures. Some Bluetooth speakers are water resistant and are more favorable for use as a shower speaker.


Next is to set the budget. Bluetooth speakers are of different designs, sizes, features, and quality that it differs in price, too. You can get a Bluetooth speaker under $50, between $50-$100 or $100-$300, and above. After deciding on the budget, you can start checking out models under your budget.

Advanced Bluetooth Technology

Most modern gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, or laptops, etc. have Bluetooth technology, which also happens to be the easiest pairing method. This is also a factor for the increasing popularity of Bluetooth speakers.

One downside of Bluetooth technology used to be its lack in delivering high quality audio sound. But with the development of latest Bluetooth technology, this is no more an issue. A2DP is typically the most common audio codec found in Bluetooth technology that can produce stereo MP3-like sound quality. However, the latest Bluetooth technology that includes aptX audio codec is preferably the best choice as it produces the best stereo sound. (Note that you will get the benefit of aptX only if your playing devices support it too.)

Keeping in mind these points, let’s take a look at the most important features a Portable Bluetooth speakers should have.

Must-Have Features in a Portable Bluetooth Speaker

You will find the following features very important and helpful in the long run. A good Bluetooth speaker should have the following features.

  • Advanced Bluetooth Technology- This should be included in the list as the latest Bluetooth technology is responsible for superior audio sound, better connectivity, and less power consumption. Bluetooth 4.0 and above are mostly preferable.
  • Powerful Driver and Passive Radiator- This is important for better and superior audio quality. Speakers with high frequency drivers accompanied by a built-in subwoofer produce the more pleasing sound effects.
  • Powerbank or a Good Battery Backup- A Bluetooth speaker that has a built-in powerbank is a good feature. Portable Bluetooth speakers are meant to go where you go. When you go camping or when outdoors, the powerbank feature can charge your phone and keep you connected with your family or friends. Some models can give you a playtime of 10 to 20 to 30 hours at a single charge.
  • Speakerphone and Attached Control Buttons- For some, this feature would be not all that necessary while some would crave for it. A speakerphone lets you take calls directly from the speaker without the need of taking out your phone. This is useful when your hands are occupied or when your hands are wet. Attached control buttons are for friendly user interface. Keep your phone somewhere safe and give the commands like skip, pause, volume, etc. instantly from the speaker itself.
  • Waterproof- This is another important feature if you lead an active lifestyle. Waterproof speakers are built rough and tough such that they are more likely to survive any accident. If you intend to use the speaker for outdoor adventures like water sports, shower speaker, pool party, etc. a waterproof speaker is the right choice. If not, this point is not a concern.
  • NFC or 3.5 mm Audio Port– This is another important feature for multiple connectivity. Any Bluetooth supporting devices can be paired with the Bluetooth speaker through Bluetooth technology. But, with extra features such as NFC or 3.5 mm audio jack or micro USB cable, you can connect with other non Bluetooth devices.

Other secondary features such as external memory card slot, FM radio, alarm feature, portability, sturdiness, etc. can also be included in the must-have features list depending on our needs and requirements. With these knowledge and information, choosing a portable Bluetooth speaker would be quite easy for you and you would be able to choose the right model for the ultimate satisfaction.

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