Enjoy Matchless Sound Via Speakstick Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Speakstick Bluetooth Shower Speaker

You don’t have to let little Johnny sing his rhymes to let the rains go away as long as you have the Speakstick Bluetooth shower speaker at your disposal because it is a water resistant speaker. With a Speakstick speaker in your possession, wake up with music, shower with music, spend the day with music, go take an adventure with music, and let music lull you to sleep when your day is done—never be in want of music in any situation again. No matter where you are, you have the freedom to listen to any music of your choice loudly; seriously, anywhere!


Why Choose Speakstick Shower Speaker?

Speakstick shower speaker is a waterproof speaker with an IPX4 rating that doesn’t allow splashes of water to pass through the speaker. Inclement weather of all sorts can do no harm to this speaker unless you toss it out for the thundering typhoons to devour it up. You may be in a very safe park, or on treacherous mountaintops, in sandy beaches or in torrential showers, but you can rest assured knowing that you speaker can take the heat. Advancement in technology allows you to take calls from this speaker directly without the need to dry your wet hands with a towel. All you need to do is press a button and get the talk going. With the speaker phone feature, you never have to miss calls from your friends, clients, and family members even as you shower.

What is Special About the Speakstick Speaker?

Intensive and head-breaking wiring to enjoy music is all about the past and something you will never encounter  with this speaker. This speaker is compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices like mobile phones, tablets, iPods, etc. It is small and compact, yet beautifully designed for easy portability and easy suction on the walls of your bathroom.  It is made of high quality materials to withstand easy shattering from falls or drops.

A Close Look At the Uncompromised Features of the Speakstick Speaker


  • Sound

The sound that comes from this 3w speaker is incredible for such a small sized shower speaker. People who use speakstick speaker for the first time are typically struck with awe for the amazing sound it delivers. It is loud and clear to keep you entertained in your shower as well as in your outdoors camping trips.

  • Battery Life

All it takes is just three hours to charge the battery fully and that is enough to last for more than six hours of non-stop music. You can enjoy music while you charge. It comes with a USB cord for easy charging through your wall socket.

  • Available Colors

You have the freedom to choose from a wide range of colors available in blue, black, pink, white, and green.

  • How It Functions

On the top of the speaker, you get buttons to turn the power on, play, pause, forward, backward and take or receive calls. Press the power button for a few seconds and you will hear a sound to indicate that power is on. As soon as the power is on, the speakstick device will appear in your Bluetooth enabled device and when you pair it, you can instantly start pumping music through the speaker. You have the option to skip or play the previous track either from the Bluetooth speaker or with your device. Pairing is as simple as selecting the speaker from your Bluetooth device list on your phone or gadget and tapping connect.  Speakstick shower speaker is compatible to pair with all devices with Bluetooth version 3.0.

  • Hands Free Calls

Speakstick speaker comes with an in-built microphone that allows you to take hands free calls on the go. This feature is especially helpful while driving so that you don’t lose concentration. It is also very helpful when you are in the shower to take calls without worrying about the speaker getting wet or damaged.

Why I Bought This Speaker

I’m a hard-core music listener both indoors and outdoors and the size, the design and the functionalities of this SpeakStick Bluetooth shower speaker matches my needs. In my bathroom, in my camping trips and in my back yard, I love listening to music of all genres and the kind of sound delivery  from my Smartphone is not enough to give me the kind of punch I like. Moreover, this speaker allows me to be carefree while to listening songs without hindrances from rain or water. I am not particularly fond of devices that need babying and this speaker fits the bill perfectly. It is not only shockproof but water resistant as well and I got it very cheap. However, do take care not to submerge this speakstick shower speaker in the water because it’s a splash proof speaker not water proof.


Final Wrap Up

I’m more than pleased to buy this speaker for the quality of sound it delivers for a 3 watt speaker. Moreover, it is made of a durable material and sports sturdy looks too. I have been enjoying incredible audio experience in my shower every morning with this speaker. This is a great buy for you if you are fond of listening to music by the side of your pool, at the backyard, in the beach and even in your camping trips.

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