Braven Speakers That Feature Power Banks for Ultimate Portability

Braven Speakers

Choosing the perfect Bluetooth speaker is perhaps one tricky matter especially with the wide range of speaker brands competing to stand out. Quite many of the Bluetooth speaker manufacturers try to bank on features. Braven on the one hand cleverly equips its sturdy speakers with grand battery capacitance.

If in any case you are set to make your weekend count after a stressfully long week at work, Braven Bluetooth speakers are an apt choice you could be looking out for. If you vouch for adventurous explorations, grab one outdoor Braven design that speaks to you; the battery better not die on you during your weekend-time out. And if a relaxed recuperation is more your style, you can go for a series of eye-catching designs.

With generous battery life, you can count on Braven speakers to keep everything about you alive all day long. Chances are, the more refined its audio quality evolves overtime, the more Braven’s popularity will blow up.

Does Braven Seriously Have Grand Power Storage?

Braven seems truly rugged for outdoor adventures and richly featured for indoor fun. Having your Braven speaker around also means you have a power bank for any of your smaller gadgets too. When you are set for a prolonged trip, you get to be rest assured that your Braven (provided it is fully charged) has enough battery life to last you a whole day and more. Even if you play on it the whole time, it still leaves power backup for your mobile devices at the end of the day. With either a 1 amp charging port or 2 amp charging port, you can plug in any device to charge them up. Though this should not be a replacement for normal charging, it has a full sized USB charger that gets your phone going if and when the need arises.

Braven’s huge battery life, usually coupled with ruggedness for portability, makes a lot of sense. It is a shame that such agility to charge up other devices is not featured in every portable speaker of other brands. That Braven portable speakers charge other devices, is a big deal therefore; a cool clever idea. In line with huge battery life offers, certain new brands like Fugoo, Tmvel and Outdoor Tech have emerged with outstanding battery life too. But unlike other brands that have a few hand-picked models that come with power bank, every Bluetooth speaker model from Braven essentially features charging ability.

Some Additional Facts About Braven

Braven SpeakersBraven has a series of durable speakers; most of the outdoor speakers have sturdy rubber covers which is durable for years of usage. It could perhaps be one of those gadgets that could last you your life time and even pass on as vintage. No doubt, the technology will age. As the trite modern saying goes, “Nothing gets older than new technology,” so is every brand-new speaker technology that will emerge in the market. Whether branded high-end model or most sophisticated technology, with every passing time, yes, it is going to age. Well, then what could make Braven speakers exceptional?

Braven perhaps belongs to the class of the classics. Definitely the kind of brand a dad can be proud of, with the sort of boldness in the brand name as such. You can expect ruggedness when you seek adventure in the brand and elegance in design if you seek for warmth, and ultimately a brand you can trust for its true wireless technology; it is one feature that will hold for generations. And talk of durability, Braven always comes solid.

The Braven Sway

Though Braven as a brand is relatively new, it seems to be gaining prominence in the market. Perhaps customers are beginning to trust Braven particularly because the durability the brand claimed occurred to be so dependable. If wireless is truly the way to go portable, including a power bank is the next best step to enhance it. And Braven sort of aced it.

Take Braven BRV-X, a sturdy speaker with weatherproof and shockproof features for example. It would go along with you anywhere you decide to take a wild plunge headfirst. It does not matter how far you may venture out trekking or hiking, you are saved from the trouble of carrying an extra battery pack. Taking a look at the whole range of Braven models, the charging function is making it a win-win in the market.

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