Taotronics Wireless Bluetooth Water Resistant Shower Speaker

Taotronics Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

With Taotronics Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, you can sing along with your favorite singer as you take a heavy shower in your bathroom. It is very easy to pair this speaker with your phone that has a Bluetooth transmitter. You can also use this speaker on your boat if you go fishing because it is splash proof. Alternatively, you can also listen to music while you are in your swimming pool by attaching it at the side of your pool. Even if you are in your bathtub, simply suction this speaker at the sides of your wall or windowpane and enjoy the bath like never before with music blasting in the corner.


Top Features of Taotronics Bluetooth Shower Speaker

  • Wireless Bluetooth version 3.0 for easy pairing
  • IPX4 rated water resistant speaker
  • Good battery backup of five hours at a single charge of two hours
  • A suction cup with silica gel on the back for firm suction on the wall

This shower speaker is a water resistant IPX4 rated device, which means it is safe for you to use in your bathroom. No more worries against water splashes on the speaker while you take a shower. It is very small and therefore, you can easily take it with you in your camping trip, so that you never run out of music anywhere you go.

This shower speaker has a powerful 3.7V polymer battery of 500Mah. It takes about two hours to get a full charge, which is enough to give you a non-stop music for five to six hours. When the charger is pluged in, a red LED indicates that it is charging and when the battery is full, the light goes out.

TaoTronics speaker has a suction cup at the back for firm suction on the wall, so that it does not easily fall down. You can easily attach it on the smooth surface of your bathroom tiles, mirror, or any smooth surface convenient to you.

Taotronics Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


Advantages Of Taotronics Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

You don’t have to worry about the compatibility of this speaker with any kind of phone because it is compatible with most modern gadgets that have Bluetooth transmitters. Regardless of what phone you own, a Samsung alaxy Note, an HTC, an ipad or a Windows phone, you can easily pair this speaker with any of  them.

No more missed calls from important clients while you are busy taking a bath because it has a hands-free call option in the speaker. The built-in microphone enables you to take calls while you are in the middle of your shower. You do not unnecessarily have to explain to your business partner that you were in your shower because this wireless Bluetooth speaker enables you to take calls even as you shower.

The crisp and clear sound from such a small device is incredible. Gone are the days when people use to carry bulky speakers with them in their outings. These days, you just put your small gadget in your pocket without the least botheration for size and weight.


The old model type plugin pin needs an improvement because it is not common anymore, and so, once it gets damaged, you might find it difficult to get a replacement.

The white silica in the middle of the speaker is not very clear for reading the signs indicated for different functions like Forward, Backward, Pause, and Play unless you watch on it closely.


Why I Bought the TaoTronics Shower Speaker

Though it is a shower speaker, it has multi-purpose uses. I spent most of my free time in my garage and this is where this speaker serves me right. I would simply suction the speaker on the windshield of my car and listen to the music of my choice while I busily repair or modify my car. I can also listen to music from my car stereo, but I feel that it is a waste of car battery when I can simply play it from my shower speaker.

It is very handy for me to take this shower speaker in my pocket anywhere I go. The moment I am done working in my garage, I take it to the bathroom and suction it on the walls while I take a heavy shower. In all cases, I am never without music due to its portability.

Taotronics Wireless Bluetooth SpeakerOn my hunt for a good shower speaker, I came across this little devil for less than thirty bucks. At first, I thought I should buy this speaker as a trial for my use in the shower or any other outdoor activities, but surprisingly, this little devil gives a crisp and clear sound with long lasting battery backup, and so, now, it has become a part of my life. I am very pleased with this speaker and I will buy another piece of this speaker for my wife.

I strongly recommend this speaker to all music lovers so that music never runs out of their lives. If you are living on the go, this speaker fits the bill because there is no time when you cannot take calls through this wireless Bluetooth speaker while you also enjoy the music. It really has great value for money. You will surely fall in love with this speaker once you taste it.

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