The Wireless Mooi Tech Shower Speaker Review

Mooi Tech Shower Speaker

The Mooi Tech Shower speaker is one of those perfect speakers that will keep you in the beat of your favorite bathroom song; it is waterproof. I wasn’t expecting much of a shower speaker when I went rummaging through a number of stores and I wasn’t ready to spend much on it. It was awesome to find a decent waterproof speaker like this one at such a reasonable price. And, phew! It is loud and clear! This could well become your favorite, next.

Speaker Details


Details or Feature availability

Battery Life 6 hrs at mid volume
Water Resistant  Yes
IP Ratings IP65
Dustproof No
Shockproof No
Snow Proof No
Floats No
Bluetooth Range 60 to 70 feet in open field/without obstructions, 33 feet with obstructions etc.
Bluetooth with AptX Yes
A2DP Yes
Weight  6.4 ounces

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The Mooi Tech outdoor waterproof speaker comes at a conveniently portable size, as small as 5 x 4.8 x 2.2 inches and as light as 6.4 ounces. You can make a jumpstart morning with this cool-clean looking speaker and also blast through your day at a beach or in a swimming pool with the Mooi Tech waterproof speaker.

Indoor As Well As Outdoor Usage

If singing in the shower is more your type, let me tell you what is special about the speaker when it is inside the closed walls of a bathroom. With a 5Watt Audio Driver coupled with HS (Harmonized System) technology, the speaker has astonishing clarity that resonates so well within the walls; the effect is fantastic. I have one installed with my bathroom-furnishing, it’s great that the speaker suctions to the tile wall too. Visibly chic and stylish in appearance and performance, you do not need to worry about having it splashed with water.

Personally, I think that the speaker is more suiting for long soaks in a bath-tub. On evenings, I just love my relaxing bath with Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody’; I can relax and join in at any part of the song, the song is great! And the Mooi tech Speaker has a deep bass sound that makes it an exceptionally sweet and invigorating experience.

When we go out on a fun drive or a family-time out, music is a must! Ain’t it? Besides, I like to have a handy wireless speaker just like this one because I am the type who has got to always have music on the go. But it ain’t always easy to have your earphones on; it gets irritating as it wears on your ear drums. So, now, I pick wireless Bluetooth speakers as a better choice.

The battery life of my Mooi Tech Bluetooth speaker is commendable for carrying outdoors; I can well play on it for the whole time during my field trips, like over 6 hours on full volume, if I remember to charge it to full. Or else it still comfortably last for about a full 2 hours, even when I have less than a half full battery which make it an excellent outdoor speaker. And gosh, how my son loves to carry it when he goes out! I promised to buy him one on his birthday, he was so excited, he has been extra attentive and loyal to things spoken between him and me; I’m beginning to worry this time I could be the one to make the first mistake, which is usually his part. Funny kids are, and yet, they can be so determined when they are interested.

Key Features

Excellent Bluetooth Range

While the AptX technology ensures CD-like quality sound over Bluetooth, the A2DP (Advanced audio Distribution Profile) enhances the wireless transmission of stereo sound. The Bluetooth range supposedly exceeds 35 feet, but I have never really used at so much distance. I do not have any problem with connectivity while using indoors either. I have always had seamless transmission, I mean, even with wall obstructions from room to room. But how I see it, I can imagine the Bluetooth range a perfect fit for outdoor times; over 60 to 70 feet in an open field.


Mooi Tech outdoor waterproof speaker has IP65 certification that makes it capable of withstanding a 6.3 mm nozzle water projection, which means it is good to go in the shower. It also means you need not fidget when you accidentally splash water on it while at work, take care of your papers instead, smart guy. With extra water resistant coating, Mooi Tech can supposedly withstand accidental drops into water, of course, not longer than a few seconds. Never tried toppling it in purposely, though!

Designed with User Friendliness in Mind

  • Either indoor or outdoor, it is trifling easy to install the speaker manually.
  • Easy to pair with any Bluetooth device, a cool Bluetooth range, and a comfy small size, it is ultra portable and easy to handle.
  • Fairly easy to control the volume button and change the tracks while playing, the speaker cannot get more friendly than this, I can actually manage to operate it without even looking at it.
  • The display of battery level is easy on the eyes, unlike other gadgets with display screens as small as this one.
  • Another easy functionality I like is the hands free wireless speaker phone; it is a comically fun thing. Yes, I can take calls even in the bathroom, just takes a press of a button. Well, you need not bother about dabbing your fingers dry on you towel to do it, its waterproof, remember? ☺

Good Battery Life

The battery life supposedly last longer than 6 hours, never exceeded the duration, though, because I usually don’t carry this one around for long rough drives; it’s too decent for such adventures. But undoubtedly, the brand specifies its advanced Battery Management system which indeed ensures superior sound throughout the play time. Note that it runs on Lithium metal battery.


I have been using it for over 4 months now and my apprehensions over its quality and reliability are kind of on the wane; I have not had any issues with its functionality or described features. Over this period, the thought of returning this speaker has not crossed my mind, and I doubt it will. Unless something very critical happens in the future that I have not considered yet, which I doubt I have overlooked, I am perfectly ok vouching for this speaker.


What’s Exciting About Owning a Mooi Tech Speaker?

The Mooi Tech speaker is fairly priced at the range of about $30, a reasonable price that you will definitely not have any apprehensions about, I assure you it is worth the money I paid for it. I can rely on it in my most mundane routines, at work as well as back home. If I need a prompt recuperation from the stress that comes from a hectic work load any day, I can count on this speaker.  I always have room for it in my office bag.

And what a coincidence! A little after I bought a Mooi Tech Bluetooth speaker for my son, as promised, a good friend of mine send me a delightful gift package (Mooi Tech speaker along with accessories) from Amazon as an appreciation for a favor, I once did for him. It was exciting! Never had I realized I needed two of it; one for work and the other for home. That was when I installed my old one in my bathroom. Boy I tell you, it’s a good deal. It would make a nice gift for your girl, too, like I told you, it is chic and stylish in design.

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