The Crazzie New Captain C6 Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker 2020

Crazzie New Captain C6

Come Monday Morning, it’s crazy what thoughts can strike you—“Can’t believe I have to go to work today! It just doesn’t feel right!” Well, you just got to have someone tell ‘Gotta go to work’. Ever had those moments? That’s when I jump right in for a refreshing shower playing my favorite track. That does it; sets me in the right frame of mind for work. It’s for such a jumpstart every morning that I got the new Crazzie Audio Captain C6 Bluetooth Speaker and yeah it turned out cooler than I expected. Yes, it’s crazy cool and handy!

But the better part is when I drive off to work with the top ranking tracks softly playing in the background. The Crazzie waterproof portable speaker is that dynamic; fits well in my Bathroom, my kitchen, my car, and even my denim pocket.



Battery Life 5 hours at full volume (500 mAh)
Water Proof No
Water Resistant Yes
Shock Proof No
Floats No
Dust Proof Yes
Weight 5.36 ounces
Dimensions 3.43 x 1.77 x 3.74 inches
Available colors  Gray


Measuring 3.43 x 1.77 x 3.74 inches, Crazzie Captain C6 is one of the smallest portable speakers in the current market and has poised look with decent functionality. Lightweight and comfy to hold in one hand, you can easily carry it around in your pocket. It weighs just 5.36 ounces.

Key Specifications

I have always had a craze for portable speakers. I’m an outdoor person and I, of course, am ever on the search to find the speaker that fits me just right.  I usually never let pass any of my chances to check out gadgets. Here are some notable features:

Impressive Audio Output

At its price range, I wasn’t expecting much of a performance. When my sales guy suggested me this speaker, I thought, yes, it has a cool and decent look, so I checked it out and wow! Its dynamic ability to reach a decent low-end frequency (bass) fascinated me because it is very rare in small speakers. So I got hold of it. I think this is the best electronic purchase I have made so far at such a reasonable price. With a 5Watt speaker and THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) +N (Noise) 10%, which means the power output rating is higher compared to standard devices, it works more like a boombox. This makes it sound sensational and clear, with the ability to carry sound within the frequency range of 120Hz to 22KHz, and moreover because of the 90db S/N, the noise floor is considerably quiet.

Wireless Interlinking

The Crazzie Bluetooth waterproof speaker has a decent Bluetooth range that can comfortably cover room to room distances with wall obstructions in between. Compared to the other speakers that I own, this one has a rather smooth finish, and I am someone who favors rugged-finish speakers, but I have grown to love this one more and more overtime.

Water Resistance

I tell you, you need not be anxious about getting it spoilt while outdoors. The water resistant Crazzie C6 can withstand water contact on the surface of the unit like splashing or light rain. So you can safely take it in the shower. But of course it is not advisable to let it dip in water.

Speaker Phone

Whether you are in the shower or on the road driving, there are some important calls that you simply can’t avoid. I’m glad that I have my Crazzie waterproof portable speaker that is so handy and makes it easy for me to take my calls wherever I am. It takes just the press of a button to pick a call on the speaker phone.  Besides, this palm sized speaker fits anywhere on my car dashboard and it stays put wherever I like it, it can be suctioned to any smooth surface. Hopefully you can ensure safer road-trips with the hands-free speaker phone feature.


User Friendly

Super easy to set up, I did not even need to check the manual when I first got mine. And, one thing that ups the rating for me is that I can easily pair this new speaker with my computer, my tablet or for that matter, it connects with any of my friend’s phones. The Bluetooth range is good enough to keep you connected from one room to another. An audible alert notifies you when you power it on or off and an LED blue/red light blinks on when paired or charging.

Good Battery Life

The capacitance of its battery is 3.7volt which is equivalent to 500mAh; it can last up to 5 hours at full volume. Besides, you can charge it comfy good with USB cables from your car or your computer devices as long as the ports are free.


Interesting Accessory that makes it Handy

Designed with gray and black rubber material, it sports one of the coolest looks among my collection, and that’s why I like carrying it around more than any of my other speakers, also because it comes with a suction cup that I can use to attach my portable speaker to any wall or glass surface. I always wanted this facility for my portable speakers; to be able to make my speaker stay put anywhere that I want especially while driving. Anyone who is much on the rough road driving heavy vehicles or trucks, I’m sure, will fancy this accessory.



It’s the New Crazzie Bluetooth speaker! What’s in it for You?

Released just a few years ago, this Crazzie Bluetooth waterproof speaker could well become one of the best selling portable speakers. At its price range, other speakers that boast of better features will be hard to come by. Compared to other speakers in its price range, it has awesome reach, power and clarity. Besides, Crazzie Captain C6 speaker is indeed the new-small with a quiet steadiness about it. It has a snug size small enough to be carried anywhere I go, whether for my normal strolling or jogging or when I go on a rough adventure such as jet skiing.

One of the reasons why this unit has become my favorite overtime is that once paired with my iphone, I face no more hassle regarding its wireless connectivity, not even when I walk  up to my room upstairs ☺ That’s a big thumbs up, aint’ it? Of course, innovative inventions continue unabated and it is the latest ones that are more appealing.

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