The New Tmvel Aquamasti BT Speaker- Tough, Loud& Waterproof

Tmvel Aquamasti BT Speaker

Moving forward with style and innovative features, Tmvel has made a giant leap with the production of its new Aquamasti portable Bluetooth 4.0 waterproof speaker. Time and again, we always find a reason to praise and applause modern art and technology for making our living better and better each passing day with the invention and production of its many gadgets or devices. A portable Bluetooth speaker is one such item that many of us, if not all of us, have fallen in love with. No doubt, it is one of the best and easiest means to satisfy our hunger for music.

But, think beyond just music. Think about something tough and rough, a speaker that will meet your rough, daily lifestyle. The prime reason for buying a portable Bluetooth speaker is to take music where ever you go. If you want to get the most out of a Bluetooth speaker, I tell you, Tmvel Aquamasti Bluetooth Speaker should be your priority. Boosted by powerful drivers for authentic sound quality, a full waterproof design, plus equipped with top of the list features, Aquamasti is sure to make your indoor recreation as well as outdoor adventure absolute fun and thrill. Just take a glimpse at the key features of my Aquamasti Bluetooth speaker and judge me (is it right or wrong?) when I say- the Aquamasti Bluetooth Speaker is one of the best Bluetooth speakers out there in the market.

Take a look at the table below for quick and easy understanding of Aquamasti Bluetooth Speaker.

Tmvel Aquamasti Bluetooth Speaker

Specs and Features

One Word/Sentence Explanation

Excellent Battery Backup Lithium ion rechargeable battery that offers you playtime of average 10 to 18 hours
Bluetooth 4.0 Technology Works with latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology that consumes less power and produce superior audio sound
Other connectivity options Connect with either 3.5 mm audio jack or micro USB cable for non Bluetooth devices
Powerful Speakers Powered by two 40mm drivers along with built-in subwoofer for loud and rich audio sound of 10 watt
Waterproof This speaker scores IP rating IPX6 which makes it waterproof and protected from other several liquid and solid intrusion
Distance Coverage 30-33 feet (can cover longer distance if unobstructed)
Power-bank This speaker comes with 5200 mAh battery that it can serve as a power-bank for charging mobile phones and other similar devices
Attached Control Buttons Very user friendly as it has attached control buttons to give commands such as skip, previous, pause, and volume
Speaker-phone Another great feature that allows you to take calls directly from the speaker
Dimension Preferable size with a dimension of 5inches x 4inches x 3inches (length x width x height)
Very Portable Weighs only 1 pound; take it anywhere you go
Color Attractive grey color with aqua blue lining
Price Very cheap compared to other similar models; only $69.99
Memory SD card Slot Not Available
NFC Technology Not Available

Reasons Why People are Going Crazy Over Aquamasti BT Speaker

  • Upgraded and Improved Audio Sound Quality

A Bluetooth speaker is not the kind of product that should be left in the cupboard or inside your briefcase after buying it. It goes where you go and a good speaker should be able to make the kind of noise that can swing your mood and let you tap your feet. My Aquamasti outperforms in this area. I like how Tmvel masterfully put together a passive subwoofer and two 40mm High Frequency drivers to produce a total 10 W well balanced stereo audio sound. I find the audio sound undistorted while playing at low, mid, and high volume. The treble is loud and clear and the bass is deep and big, such that the combination produces perfect music. After all, a Bluetooth speaker is for playing music, and personally, I cannot accept models that have very good features and looks, but have pathetic sound quality.

  • Waterproof, Dustproof, and Shockproof with an IP Rating of X6

The IP rating determines the degree of protection from intrusion such as water, dust, accidental body contact, etc. With an IP rating of X6, you can rest assured because of the fact that this speaker is waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof. While developers do not recommend submerging the speaker in water for hours, it is most likely to withstand accidental dip in water for less than a minute. I have tested it with mud, water splash, powerful water jet, a drop from a good height, and guess what? It survived and worked just fine, no issue at all. Just my type of speaker; perfect for water sports and outdoor adventure.

  • 5200 mAh Powerbank and 10 to 18 Hours Playtime

This is a feature every frequent traveler and those who love outdoor activities will really like. You will have your music to accompany you and cheer you up or even entertain the whole group with a music playtime of 10 to 18 hours on an average. Another important feature is that  the speaker is backed by a 5200 mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery which can also be used as a powerbank. This is one feature everyone is craving for.

  • Latest Bluetooth 4.0 Advanced Technology

You might neglect this feature out of knowledge or less information. But, mind you, this is one factor you should look out for while hunting for a Bluetooth speaker because advanced 4.0 Bluetooth technology means less power consumption and more importantly, greater audio sound quality. This speaker can pair with your device at the blink of your eye and can maintain uninterrupted connection between 30 to 33 feet.

  • Dimensions: 5 inches (length) x 4 inches (width) x 3 inches (height)

I find the overall dimensions/size of this speaker perfect as it fits in my palm and conveniently fits in my pocket or side bag as well.

  • Appealing Looks- Gray Color with Aqua-Blue Lining

Color wise, the gray and blue pairing is light and fresh. The blue lining lends the monochrome look a vibrant tinge.

That’s it. By now, you should have made your own judgment about this product, and I should probably have stopped typing. But, I feel that you would be interested to know something more and since I have used it, I would like to share my experience from the user point of view.

Tmvel Aquamasti BT Speaker

What I Like About This Speaker

Apart from the features I have listed above, the following points are the reason why I am all praise for this speaker.

Sturdy Design is one factor I like. From the first look and touch, I somehow felt that this speaker is going to be tough and strong. Turns out that my feelings were quiet true, it has survived many accidental drops and falls. This is because it has a premium rubberized exterior finish for ultimate protection.

This speaker is also User Friendly, which adds to my joy. I have used Bluetooth speakers that do not support functions like skip, pause, volume control, etc. which is very useful at times, especially when my hands are all wet and my phone is not waterproof. This time, I made sure to get a speaker that is user friendly. My new Aquamasti has all the required control buttons attached so that I can give any command directly through my speaker without even touching my phone or when my phone is far away.

This speaker can work as a Shower Speaker too. I know it is not only me, I have seen many people who sing and blares their vocal chords while taking a shower. With this speaker, now you have your new buddy to sing along to your favorite tunes. Take calls through answerphone from your speaker while  bathing and never worry about your speaker facing the effects of it getting wet. It is waterproof.


One Negative Point Noticed

”So far so good” would be my prompt reply if you ask me how my new speaker is. Having said that, before I conclude, there is just one con I have found with this product. There is no external memory card slot, which means that you can play music by means of Bluetooth connection or connecting your devices through USB cable or a 3.5 mm audio cable, but cannot play it independently. Personally, I feel that this is not a great issue as I always have my phone with me.

As per my experience of the product, I am confident that the Aquamasti Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker excels in every field. Available at an affordable price of $69.99 at Amazon, less than half the price of other similar products, who would have thought that they would get a speaker that is waterproof, pumps out 10 watt perfect audio sound from all sides, and a powerbank battery with 5200 mAh? It’s just incredible. If you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker, this is a speaker that has good value for money, and very likely, a speaker that will surpass your needs and expectations. Why not consider owning the Tmvel Aquamasti Bluetooth Speaker and boost your already colorful lifestyle, making it even  cooler?

*Please note that this item is available for shipping only within US at Amazon. For other similar waterproof speaker with good reviews and excellent performance, you can also read reviews of Braven BRV-X Waterproof Speaker, Fugoo Tough Portable BT Speaker, Altec Lansing iMW575 Life Jacket Bluetooth Speaker, which are all top notch waterproof speaker.

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