Portable Braven BRV-X Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Review

Think rugged and powerful— it should be the Braven BRV-X portable wireless speaker. And when Braven says waterproof, believe it. Talk about Braven and it’s all about bold inventions well worth; I have been a fan of the brand ever since I bought Braven BRV-1, one of the toughest Bluetooth speakers I have owned so far.

Imagine this, you are on an exciting trek on steep slopes and you got to take a dip into one of those raging rapids to cross over, would you brave the water with all your gears intact? Well, you gotta make sure you gear up all waterproof like me, so you need not bother much about cutting back on some gadgets. My new Braven BRV-X portable speaker fits my style incredibly well.braven_brvx



Ultra Portability Suitable for all outdoor activities, with a tough feel for rough adventures.
Dimension Rugged cool design at a size of 9.06 x 3.63 x 2.94 inches and weighs merely 1.5 pounds.
Sonic Quality Powerful Speakers which give out booming audio output and improved quality sound.
Astonishing Waterproof Feature With an IP rating of IPX7, it can withstand powerful water jets and total submersion as deep as one meter down for up to 30 minutes. Floats too!
Absolute Shockproof Extra ruggedness that makes it resilient against drops and pumps.
Grand Battery Life With a generous battery capacitance of 5200 mAh it also works like a power bank.Offers 12 hours playtime that can last you a whole day on a single charge.
Dustproof&Snowproof Hard cover; well secured and protected from dust,&Winter snow and sleet.
Bluetooth Connectivity With a Bluetooth range of about 30 feet in an open field, it has seamless connectivity within it’s range.
True Wireless Connection Besides NFC,it features a special pairing option to link two Braven BRV-X  speaker which creates a true stereo sound effect.
Color Availibility Comes in two color choices; Black and Grey.

Ultra-Ruggedness and Durability

With Rubber exterior molding and high-impact plastic material, which provides shockproof, its durability is commendable. When I bought my first Braven, it was just to try it out and that’s because it looked so sturdy-cool among the items displayed in the store.Braven_speaker

My obsession began only when I realized how tough they were even on the inside. I was rough with it, it looks and feels like it is pretty much ready for roughness; I dropped it awfully hard on concrete pavement a couple of times and guess what, not a scratch on it till now. It amazes me. So, I went for the improved version that followed too. Braven BRV-X Wireless speaker comes in two color ranges; gray and black. Cool gray, but I chose black coz that’s just so me.



The size 9.06 x 3.63 x 2.94 inches calls for a handy device that I can attach to any one of my bikes. It’s a good fit in cars too; I like the boom it creates along with the clarity inside my car when I take it on the road. Weighing just 1.5 pounds, I do take it on all kinds of adventures and that incredible versatility, it shows up! We must not ignore the booming bass it can sound indoors too.


A little interested in the ruggedness and resilience to withstand drops and bumps, rain-slashes and water-jets and more… all adventures whether rafting or boating, aren’t you? With a herculean design, Braven BRV-X plays with a thundering volume. Check out the key features:


Take along your music beyond those rocky canyons, it’s gonna be worth it, it’s gonna be boom time.  It is almost twice the size of BRV-1 and certainly does not fit into my pocket, but it comes with a durable synthetic strap that attaches well to almost any automobile body or my backpack. The portable Braven BRV-X wireless Speaker is definitely a fantastic choice for beach outing or hiking adventures; it’s tough, it’s weatherproof and yes, powerful indeed! Well, think of it, Braven calls it “the First True Outdoor Speaker”, so obviously, Braven had outdoors in mind when designing it. Its rugged look and resilient features like shockproof is awesome.

But not until recently did I realize that my new Braven could float as well. One occasion I was cruising with my best friends; it was crazy fun and there was that moment when my speaker got knocked overboard and fell with a splash into the sea. My speaker bubbling below the water for a while as I tried to decide whether to dive in before it sank deep down the bed. The next moment ‘Plop’ my speaker came up floating to the surface playing loud as before.Well, perhaps I was too relieved, the sight of water droplets forcefully jerking up as the music pumped on, was exquisite to me. My speaker feels much more resilient than ever.Braven_BRVX

Talking about outdoor speakers the new Outdoor Tech OT4200 Big Turtle Shell is worth mentioning for its powerful sound with 110 decibels and extensive battery life with 7800 mAh, expect that it is not waterproof


Booming Sonic Quality

The sound technology can adapt to any environment; indoors as well as outdoors. Its audio output is stunning in both modes. Sound quality has markedly jumped from Braven BRV-1 to Braven BRV-X. You should probably check out the Braven BRV-X review and Braven BRV-1 review and make your comparison.  The new BRV-X achieves a better balance, making your songs sound richer and fuller.

Indoor mode booms with an overwhelming bass you can feel in all directions, outdoor emphasizes the mid to high ranges so the sound projects much farther, as far as a distance of 60 to 80 ft. Unlike the previous Bravens, I get to experience enough treble with my tracks and also the audio quality doesn’t flatten as I raise the volume. I especially like the effect of omni-directional bass radiator in indoor mode that makes it sound so good at all amplitudes.

Impressive Water Resistance

The Brave BRV-X waterproof speaker has IPX7 certification which means it can withstand a great lot of slash and splash. You can stop worrying when your scotch or water splashes over your speaker even while playing it. You need not worry about ruining it when you go in the rain or you can safely play it when you shower too, it is protected even from water jets, as powerful as they may be, you just need to make sure you fit the protective cap over the port elements well in place. My most exciting adventures are those times that I go river rafting; I am talking about a full water splashdown, dude, geared with blasting music. With the Braven BRV-X, you can fully enjoy all outdoor this summer; whether rain or shine or yet again in winter snow or sleet, it’s still a go!

True Wireless Technology

Besides pairing the device with your phone for audio streaming through wireless Bluetooth and NFC (Near Field Communication) with older audio devices, it also has true Wireless Technology which allows you to link two Braven BRV- X speakers to create perfect stereo sound with a pair of left and right audio.

Easy Functionality

The Braven BRV-X Portable wireless speaker comes equipped with HD drivers, an indoor or outdoor switch that adjusts the audio output to fit the specific surroundings and enhance the stereo effect. Switching from a mode to another is as easy as a press of a button. Besides buttons have intuitive, multi-functional purpose; responsive up/down volume buttons which also control the audio source.

With an excellent built-in speaker phone, I usually like using it to take hands-free phone calls, easy as pressing the play/pair/call button, which is another example of multi-functional button. One special feature that we better not miss out is the noise-cancelling microphone that enhances the quality of the speaker phones. Putting your speaker in dash allows important conversations undisturbed by surrounding noise.

I noticed that it has a lock mechanism on the cap which is supposedly meant to ensure the provided level of water resistance.

Outstanding Battery Life

BRV-X has a whooping 5200 mAh, large enough to keep the music pumping up to a full 12 hours continuously. It also charges phones and other gadgets through its USB port.  I did manage to enjoy driving alone the whole day, playing on my Braven at a thundering volume on several occasions. I still have plans for some serious adventures on the road this summer— well, I have my Braven BRV- X to count on.


What is its Primary Value Proposition?

If you are an outdoor enthusiast like me, you have probably considered it a tempting package for its exceptional durability and tough built. Or else, you would still consider its spectacular versatility if you come across good Braven BRV-X reviews. The price is of course not insignificant, but be assured, it is not one of those exorbitant costing items; I would not consider it so. If the price is a big issue for you, maybe it would be advisable that you check it online, because currently none can beat the online pricing. And of course, be ready for a full blast!

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