The Move&Groove Mini Portable Speaker Pops Up for Sound Bass

How often have you had the overwhelming experience of gifting your girl with the choicest gift that just makes them squeal with delight? Well, in one of my cases, I gifted my wife the cool Move&Groove Mini  speaker. I had my wife cup her hands over her cheeks with excitement as she opened the gift package—one of the special moments for me. It’s small, it’s snug, it’s nicely spherical—it’s a beauty.

If you have not heard about how dynamic Move&Groove speakers are, let me tell you, they are incredibly good bass generators in spite of their mini sized cuteness, I call it boldness. It’s actually so cool to own one, or three like us; I love to pair all three in a row and yeah, SONOROUS!


Key Features

You were probably wondering why I sound obsessed over such a little speaker or why I bought three of the same speaker for my wife when there are many choices of bigger portable speakers with bigger sound, and, precisely what the real specialty of this speaker is. Well that’s exactly why I am writing this for you:

Easy Portability

The first catch is of course, its compact size; easy portability. My wife loves the fact that she can fit the speaker in her handbag whenever she goes out. Yes, I mean pocket size. Move&Groove to me likens groove on the move. And I am really glad I got it for my sweetheart.

With a diameter measuring 60mm, this mini speaker is a little flattened on the top and bottom like a globe so that its height measures just 44 mm. Chubby, ain’t it? It reminds me of Gru’s minions and androids, only much smaller. And, it is lightweight, just 3.17oz. I think it is the perfect speaker for small rooms like ours, small enough to be embedded anywhere among room furnishings, and sports a chic and modern look for your home.

Incredible Sound Quality

The Move&Groove Mini speaker sounds unbelievably loud and big. Coming from a 3watt 40mm audio driver, the sound quality is actually very cool, though small in size. You will love the bass resonator that opens up like an accordion and enhances the bass sound, such a dynamo! If you have developed a liking for the speaker already, you can top that with the cool look it sports; just imagine a small sized power-ball.

Quick Wireless connectivity

One of the most impressive functionality of this mini speaker is its Bluetooth pairing which automatically connects in seconds. Within its Bluetooth range of 33 feet, it works well, and is compatible with just about any MAC or Android device. I have never experienced any interruption with its Bluetooth streaming as long as it is within range.


This feature is quite the reason why I have become a fan of this mini speaker overtime. I usually like to amplify the sound of my TV when I watch movies or soccer matches; this speaker made the perfect choice. My wife is usually finicky about placing a speaker that will demand some space in our sitting room, but she was actually very excited to fit this mini speaker for it hardly takes any space. Note that the playback time of the speaker is longer when connected via AUX cable. What’s more, you can easily switch between Bluetooth mode and Line-in-mode using the ON/OFF switch.

Battery Life

The capacitance of this speaker, though a bit small, is reasonable for its size. It takes about just 2 hours to get it fully charged and it comes with a USB charger, so, I don’t really worry about its battery life. You can charge it from any device on the go and the battery can last up to 5 hours on a single charge.

What’s in the Box

  • A  Move&Groove Mini Bluetooth Speaker
  • A  USB cable
  • An  AUX 3.5 cable
  • A user manual


Are you skeptical about the quality of low-priced gadgets just as I was? Generally, I don’t go for lesser prices gadgets and I was taking a risk with one when I purchased this one. Well, as if to prove me wrong, I have not had any problem with this speaker since I bought it a couple of months back. And just in case you are still not assured, the manufacturer offers a 1 year replacement warranty.

Why I think the Quality is Commendable Considering Its Price Point?

Like I said, I was skeptical about the quality of this low-priced mini speaker which did not actually look cheap at all. I first spotted it for its neat look and when I held it in my hand, the small speaker felt solid to the touch. I was honestly surprised when the retailer guy said the price. I remember, he chuckled at my reaction “Really?” and he confided in me that it was one of the best prize deals in store. But I was only convinced to buy it when I paired it with my iPhone and tested a few tracks. Overall, I think it’s a great deal for a cool audio output, so, if you fancy a pocket sized speaker, you should probably check this one out.


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