The Terrific UE Mini Boom Wireless Speaker Review

UE Mini Boom Wireless Speaker

Loud, clear, thunderous! The UE Mini Boom speaker is loaded. Some claim it to be a no-nonsense design that minimalist love; the UE Mini Boom Speaker is one small package of blasting sound with a surprisingly good twist to it. Bluetooth has been enhanced, stereo mode has been added and the functionality advanced to a much more fluid one; all in a strikingly minute buildup. This UE Mini Boom is particularly a big upgrade from its previous model, the UE Mobile Boombox. It’s best that you discover for yourself the features that have earned it such craze.

Features of UE Mini Boom Wireless Speaker

Logitec typically packs a powerful punch of features in their attractively minute UE Mini Boom Bluetooth speakers, bringing us a speaker of top form. With the sonic power and battery life beefed up in this particular speaker, it has emerged substantially. Here’s more:


Measuring 6.3 x 3.86 x 3.31 inches in dimension, the speaker has a cool and easy look that says rugged and compact in the making. UE Mini Boom comes in four bold color combinations that speak upfront for the huge audio output and other top of the list features. It weighs as little as 0.7 pounds and is small enough to fit easy in your palm. Tossing it into your backpack when you are off to the beach should be no problem at all. With rubberized cover, the speaker is safe from much of the pumps and falls.

Embedded on top of the fist-sized speaker is a simple control panel; buttons that operate easy with a tactile click. The Bluetooth pairing button is located in the central portion while the increase and decrease buttons flank it on both sides. Nestled next to these panels is a discrete microphone for speakerphone.

Audio Output

Logitec did equip the Mini Boom well to give stellar performance. This UE speaker can get as loud as 86 decibels at a frequency ranging from 130 Hz to 20 KHz. For a speaker of its size, the unit comes with a booming bass; something you would hardly expect out of it. Equipped with two 1.5 inch full-range audio drivers that come coupled with a 3 inch radiator for one driver and a 1.5 inch radiator for the other, the bass output is pretty deep and fuller than most speakers of its size.

Many speaker enthusiasts tend to compare the speaker with Bose’s Soundlink Mini. The Bose audio balance is of course unrivalled and you cannot count on UE Boom for a full ton of bass, but considering the volume and portability, the UE Mini Boom relatively aces over Bose.


Impressive Wireless Connection

Be it Bluetooth or NFC pairing, UE Mini Boom wireless Bluetooth speaker pairs fair and easy within a couple of seconds. Many are discreetly skeptical about the Bluetooth range which ranges up to 50 feet. But when it comes to wireless streaming, let me tell you there has never been any glitch in all my times of usage. Mine worked perfectly alright even with wall obstructions.

And when it comes to compatibility, any phone or tablet and personal computers with A2DP will work just good as well. And yes, you can pair it with your iPad, too, using NFC. It is quite exceptional that the speaker can remember 8 previously connected devices making it much easier to switch from one device to another.

Doubling Option to Boost Audio

Talking of Exceptionality, the specialty of this speaker for me is the two-speakers pairing option. And if you are someone who keeps tabs on portable speakers like me, this is perhaps not the first time you have seen a UE Mini Boom review featuring speaker-speaker pairing to create enhanced sound.

Stereo sound is definitely one feature we are on the hunt for. It’s for a selected few portable speakers that get to sport this feature and this one came at such a small price range. Moreover, after pairing two speakers, you get to play them in two modes; the stereo sound separation mode or the double amplifying mode that will double the volume of overall sound from both the two speakers. Well, it is typically a matter of choices.

Do note that this feature comes in functional only when you download the UE Mini Boom app which is available for the operating systems, Android and iOS. It is advisable to get the app as the speaker-operation is much handier with it.

Speakerphone Clarity

UE Bluetooth speaker also features effortlessly-functional speakerphone facility. This feature makes it very handy to take phone calls with an easy push of the pairing button while driving or jogging.  The speakerphone sounds perfectly audible and clear even when you are outdoors. Owing to the digital microphones, the call connecting speed is fluid and not even remotely did it give any glitches during call conversations.

And yes, once you are on a call, the speaker automatically puts a pause on the track you are playing. So your phone call goes with no interruption whatsoever, and once your call ends, the music resumes just where it ended prior to the call.


Of all things, the one thing I was most skeptical about was the battery life. The UE Mini Boom manual prescribes a full 10 hours playtime on a single charge of its Lithium battery. On testing, I realized it was quite true to word. Be assured you can keep it playing all day long on your next camping.

What’s more, you can recharge it conveniently using micro USB chargers, so go on, set a playlist that will last you a whole night. It is markedly handy that I can check my battery level using the speaker’s mobile app, too.

Personalized Settings

Enjoy an exclusive set of your choicest music on the speaker and to top that you can now make it truly yours because you have personalized control over your settings. For example, you can change the displayed name in your Bluetooth menu to a personalized name. You can also adjust the notification sound that comes from the speaker on your phone. And most importantly, you can optimize the sound profile for the speaker according to what suits your environment.

 A Convenient Package That Doesn’t fail to Inspire Me

All in all, the UE Mini Boom Speaker is ultimately one of the most portable speakers I have owned so far. I would sure recommend it to my close friends. At a size as comfy as it is, I managed to find all the features I had been vying for, for quite some time now. I also did hit upon some UE Boom accessories recently and well, my speaker’s obviously gone ultra portable now.  You can only imagine how much further it pushed me with enthusiasm to go explore the wild, the outdoorsy person that I am—determined to get going, get my adrenaline pumping with every thrilling adventure.

If compact portability is what you are looking for, too, this is one ideal speaker. At such a reasonable price offer, I think it is a deal not to be missed out. That being said, if you are very particular about the audio quality, there are better speakers out there. Well, this speaker comes as the next best choice in place of high-end speakers from crown-brands like Bose that will probably cost you an arm and a leg.

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