Top 5 Best Earbuds For Cycling Reviews That will Ensure Your Safety

Top 5 Best Earbuds For Cycling

I love cycling. I love music. And, where it is safe, I like to combine the two of them.

In fact, it may seem from studies that music enables you to endure a boring cardio workout for longer. I know from my own experience it can make me go from dreading a ride to actually looking forward to it.And I know that I’m not the only one. In fact, most jerseys these days come with a small hole in one of the rear pockets for running your earbuds through. Just slip your MP3 player into the back pocket, plug in your headphones, and off you go.

The key thing is to get earbuds that will actually stay in your ears, and not get crackly when you start sweating.

Are Earbuds Safe For Cycling? Only put in one earbud, and keep one ear open for traffic. Keep your Volume at a safe volume. And don’t even slip them in when riding in high traffic areas.

Earbuds Vs Headphones For Cycling? Earbuds, hands down. You want to hear what is going on around you., However, I have heard of some people taking a pair of headphones and hanging them around their neck. The speakers play the tunes loud enough that they can hear the tunes, but the noise of traffic around them.

Top Earbuds


# 5 – Sound2 XJ5 Sport Earbuds With Clip

These earbuds have a pretty neat idea. Instead of having a wire or clip that runs over the top of your ear, these have a small clip that allows you to secure the earbuds inside the ear.

For me, this is a nice bonus, since so many of the other sport headphones tend to make the outside edges of my ears itchy. Plus, when I get sweaty, sometimes they slide around a little much.

With these earbuds, they do a good job staying in place even when you get sweaty. You just have to get used to the initially weird feeling of having something pressing inside your ear.

Sound quality is going to be every bit as good as, say, your stock Apple Ipod earbuds. And you can still hear ambient noise, so these are a really safe pair to go with.

Plus, they are cheap enough that you may as well give ’em a try.

#4 – MEElectronics Earbud With Flexible Wire

Top 5 Best Earbuds For CyclingCheap. Fits over the ear. Doesn’t fall out. Has great sound. What more can you want from your workout headphones?

These earbuds really are all you’ll ever need. They have some passive noise cancelling so you can hear your tunes without cranking the volume all of the way up, but still hear the world around you.

The wire hangers do a pretty good job keeping the earbuds in place, although I found that I have to constantly fidget with them which makes them not quite a favorite for me.Top 5 Best Earbuds For Cycling

Also, the earbuds are clearly for Right and Left ear, so if one gives out (I tend to wear the right ear all the time and keep my left open), the earbuds won’t be interchangeable.

They also come with an incredible array of silicone inserts so you can get a great fit and perfect sound out of your earbuds.

With over 500, 5-star review on Amazon, these are an incredible value.

Oh, and they come in a BUNCH of cool colors!!

Top 5 Best Earbuds For Cycling

#3 – Sennheiser

I was really glad that Sennheiser decided to offer a sports earbud. They have such an incredible line-up of acoustic products it would really be a bummer if they didn’t offer the ability for their fans to take their products with them on their workouts.

These earbuds clip on the smaller side of the ear, and stay in place well, even when you are sweating.

They also offer incredible sound. However, the sound just doesn’t quite touch that of the Bose and Monster earbuds below. And they aren’t as water-resistant.

Even though I am a Sennheiser fan, for the extra $10, I’d skip these and go with the Monsters. But, if you like ’em, get them. They’re great earbuds that deserve their fan support.


#2 – Monster Strikes Again!

Best Value!

Monster makes an incredible line of earbuds. They have great sound, great construction, and are designed to not only deliver top-notch sound, they also want to give you a pair of cycling earbuds that will last.

These iSport Immersion earbuds are splash and water-proof, so even if you get caught out on a wet, rainy ride, you can listen to warm, happy tunes all the way home.

What I really like about the Monster iSports is that they use the unique Monster technology that uses your ear as an amplifier to help portray deeper, richer sound than most other earbuds.

The ear clip works great at keeping them in place, and these earbuds are a favorite not only of cyclists, but also of boxers and joggers. So if you cross-train in different sports, these are a great way to go.

Plus, at less than $50, these won’t hurt the Christmas budget too much.


#1 – Bose SIE2i Sport Headphone

Okay, these won’t be cheap but they’ll make you ride faster. (At least, that’s what I tell myself)

Bose knows their acoustics, and, as with the Monsters, they take advantage of the unique shape of your ear to deliver incredible sound. If you are a crazy sound connoisseur, the Bose earbuds are going to impress.

Plus, they recognize the importance of Aesthetics. The earbuds themselves are white, discrete, and clip into the ear without the ugly obviousness that the other earbuds have.

Plus, they have that handy in-line volume remote, so you can easily adjust the sound on the ride and stay responsive to your environment.

If you want the best cycling earbuds on the market, these are the ones to go with.

Top 5 Best Earbuds For Cycling

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