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Choosing the DJ equipment can be a difficult task, especially in a novice. A lot of beginner DJ equipment is really important to learn DJing. There are several types of equipment based on a music format one hopes to spin: CDs to get CD DJs, vinyl files for vinyl Video games, along with MP3s for a digital DJs.

Regardless any type of DJ, an aspiring DJ needs to have some certain set from audio DJ appliances: two turntables, one mixer, a particular headphone, one pair from monitor speakers, and one set of PA speakers. Turntables could be the important equipment in this DJ setup, and another needs to remember that human eye the turntable is directly related to how much cash spend on that. All your other equipment can be adjusted or upgraded after, but turntables may not be changed as it’s costly. Purchasing the high quality turntables ensures the setup to last for a longer period.

There is two different types of turntables available for vinyl DJs: belt driven together with direct drive. Some other items that need to be purchased along with softtop turntables are knitting needles, cartridges, along with slipmats. One can find two main different types of cartridges: concord design along with shell mounted.

Nowadays, time-coded systems and midi controllers have been used by several DJs. The main attraction of that new system will be the DJ can play beats virtually. In this strategy, DJs connect their programs to the computer and line up WAVs/MP3s downloaded with the collection.

DJ GeatDigital system has now become the first preference for all your new DJs because for the ease of building the large collection of songs on your computer. The midi controller is quite useful in limiting the song mixes with the assistance of midi devices attached together with the computer. These controllers can be inexpensive, easy to work with, then one can easily make the directory songs to play. The mixer could be the important equipment that connects the turntables along with the speaker.

Different DJ equipment emerges by different types. DJ decks can be obtained by various brands enjoy Stanton, Numark, Ion, Technics, in addition to Vestax, to name one or two. While on an average a fundamental turntable would cost around $100 and then go of up to $1000 depending upon the potency of the torque belts essential for better control of vinyl fabric records. CD players have prices ranging between $200 and $2000.

Some top brandnames manufacturing CD players comprise of Pioneer, Philips, Sony, or anything else. DJ mixers may range between $100 for the least costly beginner set to $2500 for top level one. Subsequently, there are various prices for DJ gear in offer with the trusted brands to appeal to beginners together with pros.

Take a look at other setups used by DJs inside your style and observe what they’ve opted for. Speakers are an important part of the whole DJ installation. You have to be capable to accurately hear what one does and cheap speakers are likely to hide some of the finer details the DJ requirements.

Ever again, with headphones products you can these is also from high importance and for this also reason. And then everyone get onto the cables and wires. Human eye ones cables will determine products you can the sound you get from your speakers.

What’s the Main Types of DJ Gear?


Dj GearA successful performance given by a DJ is influenced by the choice of right set of equipment along with a DJ’s ability to use it to maximum. The turn table has been the most useful accessory for producing good music and has dominated the scene of DJing from a long time. Therefore it is regarded as heart and soul of DJ career.

Its importance lies in the fact that it accesses the storage medium directly where the music is stored. So, purchasing best turntables is the first step to be successful DJ. It is always advisable to buy a pair of turntables rather than a single one for a good mixing of music. Varieties of turntables are available depending of level of expertise and range from beginner DJ package to professional DJ equipment used in clubs.

The record turntables that are manufactured today are of two types known as direct drive and belt drive or analog turntables. Belt drive turntables are usually cheaper than direct drive turntables. They are mostly used in beginner packages. The disadvantages associated with belt drive are slow start up time and loss of elasticity along with wear and tear of belt in due course of time. Commonly used turntables in this category are Denon DP29F, Denon DP-300F and Marantz TT-15S1 Analog Turntable.

Direct drive turntables offer better torque hence that makes it best for scratching The only disadvantage of these turn tables is that they have bad isolation but it is outweighed by attractive features as reliability, fastest startup and great speed. Numark, Ion, Stanton, Vestax and Gemini are the most popular brands in direct drive turntables. Though buying direct drive turntable may turn out to be very expensive but they will prove their worth in the long run and will help to improve your skill set considerably.

Here are some useful tips to help you choose DJ turntablesDj Gear

It should have a powerful direct drive motor for giving a high torque.

Should have a pitch control in the range of +/- eight percent.

Have a stable platter.

Good illumination along with s shaped tone arm for mixing and straight arm for scratching.

It should also provide good suspension and be stable.

The common standard for judging efficiency of turntables is by comparing it to technics1200. It is regarded as living legend as it provides durability and reliability like no one else. Improvements have been made in the motor and casing by the introduction of MK2 series In recent times USB turntables was introduced by a company called the iTTUSB. It provides you with the facility to convert old vinyl collection to CD or it allows us to play last millennium music and simultaneously converts it to this millennium format that is MP3 format.

So your search for best DJ turntables at affordable prices ends here. Here you can get wide range to choose from along with trusted user reviews to help you make your decision irrespective of being a newbie or professional in this field.

Dj Software

Earlier extensive use of CD players, cartridges, mixers and turn tables dominated the world of DJs but now they have changed considerably to be in line with need of audience. The ease of use and simplicity of DJ software has helped DJs to experiment and produce great sound effects and variety in music. It has now been widely accepted for production of good quality of music including remixed old melodies especially in studios.

Previously DJs used to play from their personal collection of music prerecorded and stored in CDs and it turned out to be a cumbersome process traveling everywhere with an extensive collection of CDs but the introduction of DJ software has removed this obstacle along with the associated risk of misplacing disks in the process with the help of file navigator service to search and retrieve sound tracks from a massive gear

Earlier elaborate and expensive instruments like turntables, mixers and dual CD players were used for the creation of different beats and tunes but this professional DJ software gives the freedom to explore and experiment the new styles and techniques to create good music. It also acts as an efficient DJ mixing software by using multiple sound cards and with options to set tempo and pitch of each MP3 file individually with the help of spectrum and graphic analyzers. So using this music DJ software can be as simple as using the headphones and listening to other sound track and efficiently mixing it with the existing sound track to produce marvellous results and great music.

This computer DJ software only requires a laptop and well connected good speaker system with online access to music stores so that you can play directly from audio tracks and create lively, energetic atmosphere.

This software has made the digital mixing process as simple as clicking a mouse and all it requires is a simple Laptop that’s it!! This software is an offspring of our computer expert and our own passion for music so don’t miss this wonderful gear


Mixers are the most important component for a good and creative DJ to display his skills. It is as significant to a DJ as piano for pianist. DJ mixers are used for mixing and performing the pre-recorded entertainment. So a DJ mixer used here contains many line level inputs supported by one or two mike level inputs and allows you to scratch bend or mix from records on both of your turntables resulting a new track being created.

A mixer performs the following useful functions for DJs

They permit a DJ to balance level of incoming audio signals by providing individual controls for every incoming signal.

Also it helps you to set the level of each incoming signal for good mixing. As a word of caution a DJ should always pay attention to the input signals he is mixing through head set output.

Lastly it combines audio sources into a single program sent to the mixer’s output. Here a crossfader is also employed and it controls signals on the basis of which signal a DJ wants to be dominant.

Things to keep in mind while choosing a DJ mixer Number of channels that are required to be mixed simultaneously. Most commonly used DJ mixers are available with two inputs to control at least three devices like a CD player and turntables simultaneously.

You should also look out for quality and durability of EQ controls, switches and head phone controls or cues. You should also be comfortable with the EQ control to suit your way of spinning. Ideally a three band equalizer should be used to manage to manage the highs, mids and lows along with a simple way to read LEDs. Also for a good mix the headphone jack should be able to monitor turntables in a separate manner.

To get a good quality of DJ mixer and provide high quality of brands here are few renowned and recognized names world wide are: Vestax Rane Stanton Urei Allen & Heath Pioneer Technics

Also some lesser known brands in terms of quality can give good results like the Gemini UMX series Mixers, Numark DXM-Pro Series Mixers, American Audio QD5-MK2, So, now you can forget the pains and erase all worry lines as we provide you a review of mixers so you can be sure of your choice.

Dj Lighting

dj GearStage lighting forms an indispensable part of a DJ’s performance. The atmosphere created by it can make or break the show as an expertly programmed and well designed lighting system can add a dazzling look and mind blowing effect to your performance. Even on a shoe string budget using well designed stage lighting system can turn out to be a really expensive affair But, the advent of new technology a good lighting system is within reach of common DJ.

There are many options available to help you select the right lighting equipment for a good lighting system Stage lighting- They are the central feature of any light show as it can set the environment and gets people put on their dancing shoes. The most widely used stage lights are par cans or parabolic lights.

Beamers-They send solid light beams on the floor and provide texture and depth to the lighting setup.

Moonflowers – They provide thrilling and mysterious musical set up by the use of refracting and bouncing light. A common example of this is a widely used elegant disco ball.

Strobe lights – They give a dramatic look to the stage through irregular flash of lights and help in creating a slow motion effect commonly known as freeze frame effect.

Lasers– They are used for precision lighting They can even be used creatively to create figures or write on walls.

There are also other kind of lighting equipment used in conjunction with lights. They are : DMX lighting controllers- DMX controllers lets a user create impressive lighting programs to control lighting equipment with excellent flexibility and maximum power to create the right mood. Basic lighting controller provides you with a single set up for all lighting equipment and they contain main ON/OFF switch for equipment.

Advance lighting controllers have more built in features like programs of light patterns, sound activation that permit audio to be in control of lights.

Lighting stands help you to provide height and support for lights and it also becomes easy for user to expand his collection of lighting equipment when using this. Lighting dimmers and fog machines helps you to set a soothing ambiance by mellowing down bright lights.

Nowadays LED stage lighting has become very popular as it uses a method known as “infinite color mixing” by using RGB colors and their combinations can create millions of colors by using RGB additive.

The most popular brand in this field is American DJ as they offer great lighting effect at reasonable prices. Chauvet lighting systems also earns a very good reputation among experienced DJs due to their excellent light effects. Also other brands like Behringer, Eliminator give a satisfying performance.

So if you want to dazzle their eyes along with ears and make them slam, bump, groove and grind then you got the best reviews. 


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