Best Way to Get Rid Of Fleas in House

Flea control at home
Many of fleas that stay in our home are caused by the distribution of fleas stay in our pets. The reproduction of fleas also very vast, that’s why if you are reckless in treating them, that can be haunting and causing big problem to your health and pets. But you don’t have to worry a lot, here are some tips that you can apply to get rid of fleas and prevent them from going back to your environment.


How To Get Rid Of Fleas In Your Home

Identify the source of the fleas. it is always good for you when you have noticed where the fleas are from. You can identify them where they normally hatch their eggs. The eggs will hatch on the ground, bedding, carpet, or even cracks in your floor. The effective way to get the fleas off in your home is by eliminating the outdoor flea habitats, and applying flea control chemical products which previously permitted by your vet.

Clean your indoor thoroughly. This activity will at least will prevent the fleas from developing their eggs. You can use strong vacuum to clean the carpet, hidden spot, every single spot of you indoor which is potential for their nesting.

Apply flea traps. Besides using vacuum, another way to get them rid of is using flea trap. This is known as an effective way to remove insect problem. Even fleas d not fly, their movement should also be paid attention, they will jump onto the host,(that can be dogs, cats or other pets) to get access to your home. Therefore as they jump onto the light and heat that is hovered over the adhesive sheet you place will make them to get trapped. This is the smart way that can reduce their population

Regular bathing of your pet. First of all is have your pets a regular bath. Treating your pets regularly will reduce the fleas infestation. Bathe your dog or cats using a shampoo will help getting rid of fleas infesting on their fur.Pet Bathing

After that, you can comb your pets fur using flea comb. You can use this flea comb every time when your pets treated. Not only that you also must pay attention on medication for your pets , here you can have oral or topical medication for them. But don forget to use correct dosage made specifically for dogs. You can bathe your pets using recommended pet’s shampoo which can kill the living parasites.

Clean your pet bedding. This is also important step that you have to pay attention to. You are recommended to wash the pet’s covers or sheets using hot water before your pets lie on it. If you think that the cushion is too heavy which prone to fleas nesting, you can throw it and replace by the new one since if you don’t want to wash and change the bedding for along period, ,it will be possible that the adult fleas take up residence in a bed or bedding

Another important step is treat your member of family, home and your yard which normally as a place for pets play on. In this method, you can apply DEET to part of your body such as lower leg, ankles cuff of your pants or any area of flea bites. If you treat your pets the fleas will be killed soon but if you do not have flea preventative, be careful your blood is their target. Remember to always clean your floors routinely and thoroughly. This preventative measure will prevent fleas coming to your indoor home. You can do vacuum to your carpets, bedding , rugs. Mopping your floor every day and use a cleaning agent such as Pine sol.


Also, using natural remedies when kill fleas at home.  You can keep your home as cold as possible when you leave your home.  You can have an electronic programmable thermostat which can turn your indoor home heat down or off when you are out or asleep or simply you can let the windows open regularly when you go out for some time. Another alternative is you can place covers on your sofa or any furniture once you finish treating your house, at least this will make fleas to not hide inside the cushions, blanket or pillows. Once you feel finish cleaning indoor area , another way that you can do is by rubbing the pet’s fur using  citrus material.

Flea SprayThe last tip is you can have natural worms spray on your yard. You can read more about flea spray for yard at This is the thing you must not forget when you want to get rid of fleas from your home. Such worms (predator) will consume flea larvae that where the next generation of fleas stops.  The good news is ,this beneficial predators are not harmful for your pets and will not cause your pet to have heart worms.


Flea Prevention for Dogs At Home

To avoid your dogs from being beaten by pests sometimes is very difficult to do for you as dog owners.  During the summer times, pests such as fleas or mosquitoes bites are just as annoying as they are for people. Those bites result a deadly disease and can cause health problem to your beloved dogs.

Thus, knowing what the best treatment for your dogs becomes a compulsory for you, you can search or buy the preventative care by online or at your local pet store or going to vet’s office near by your location. In brief, the best flea and tick prevention for dogs is that you must be aware of your dogs’ characteristics, and environment surrounds.


Know Your Dog and Find Products That Work and Don’t

To protect against Lyme disease in dogs you can put any pest control on his body or just spraying it to the place where your dog usually plays. If your dog is vulnerable to any particular substances contained in any products, such as ivermectin, you must be careful when you spray the area aiming to control the ticks or fleas as since it is harmful and it may trigger an allergic reaction, or even burns on his skin.

So it is recommended that you spray to only your dog’s body with maximum supervising. Therefore, if your dog is typically sensitive to any products, you must treat this quite well.

Due to a genetic predisposition and reasons, some breeds of dogs are also prone to health problems if they are not well-handled. Breeds such as Sheepdogs, Australian Shepherds, Border Collies and German Shepherd dogs which called MRD1 can cause to seizures or even a death if they are contaminated by pesticides. Therefore when you are unwelcoming any fleas and ticks in your room or dog’s yard, you must read carefully the ingredients contained in the products you use. If your dogs are prone at such products, it is advised for you to have a more natural based product instead.

To find the exact dose for your dog is not an easy matter, you can find it out in the pet’s store or ask to your vet. For small dogs, the dose which known as toy or teacup sized is available in pets store. Doses which are generally kept in single pack will have a different term of use for you dog. Giving such teacup sized to smaller dogs can lead to overdosed. If you find it is difficult to have a brand the doses for your dogs you can have a calculation and find more specific one which fits to your dog.

When you know what products are good to get rid the insects off and safe for your dogs, it is time for you to seek what best for your dogs. Sprays, spot on treatments, collars or metal tags can help you to control any fleas or ticks surround your dogs.

When your dogs have problems with fleas that sit on his neck, ears, head or paws, for example you can place collars around his face. Some flies collar can ward the flies, ticks and fleas off. You are supposed to read carefully the labels, and see the instruction on the package. If your dogs have problem with fleas and ticks, it is better for you to have spot on treatment or sprays the body and make sure you get the right kind.

So above all, the best flea and tick prevention for dogs is knowing the ingredients labels, know your dog whether sensitive or not,  and your environment. By doing so, you can protect your dogs from any unwanted diseases.

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